Lindström Award Lecture Program

Part of Lindström Award experience is a series of online lectures. You can participate live online and send questions to lecturer OR you can look at the recording on your own time.

  • 29thSeptember (MON), 12 pm EEST
    Sustainability in design
    Katja Vaahtera, Designer, Lindström Oy
  • 29th September (MON), 13 pm EEST
    Implementing corporate brand in design
    Katja Vaahtera, Designer, Lindström Oy
  • 2nd October (THU), 16 pm EEST
    Future of fashion retail
    Heikki Haldre, Co-founder and Head of Business Development, Virtual Fitting Room
  • 6th October (MON), 16 pm EEST
    Material efficiency
    Marjo Mäntylä, Manager, Manager, Process Development and Environmental Issues, Lindström Oy
  • 8th October (WED), 16 pm EEST
    Considering textile waste management in design
    Reet Aus, Estonian Fashion, Film and Theatre Designer
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